Seed investor.

SafetyWing provides Medical and Health Insurance for the remote workforce roaming around the planet.

  • Nomad Insurance: Travel medical insurance, covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country. Can be as low as $40/month.
  • Remote Health for individuals: Global health insurance for remote workers and nomads. A fully-equipped health insurance made for remote workers and nomads who spend as much time abroad as they please. Full coverage in your home country, and no exclusions for pandemics.
  • Remote Health for companies: A fully equipped health insurance that works for your entire international team and independent remote workers. No exclusions for pandemics.

Founded by Sondre Rasch.

Formally from Oslo, Norway and San Francisco, CA - but with a fully distributed team, appropriately.

Part of YCombinator Winter 2018 batch.

Entrepreneur and investor

I build software for people on the move.