The Longevity Fund

Limited Partner.

The Longevity Fund is investing in breakthroughs in human longevity.

Based in San Francisco, California. Founded by Laura Deming.

In the 20th century, we learned that healthy lifespan is malleable. The scientific pathways behind this effect are incredibly complex and difficult to correctly control, but manipulating them may lead to new treatments for age-related disease. We want to get these therapeutic advances translated safely to patients as quickly as possible.

I other words, cutting edge biotech is key to extending happy and healthy lifetimes… but I’m not smart enough to pick investment targets directly, and am just humbled to be able to follow Laura & team.

The firm’s activities break into:

  • 125 Labs: Conceptualizing, building, and scaling frontier biotechnology companies Biotechnology accelerator
  • AGE-1: Supporting early-stage companies and scientific founding teams
  • Longevity Fund: Founder-friendly seed & series A investing in therapeutics and platform technology
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