ASI Private Equity

Partner and Chairman.

ASIPEAS is an investment collective of Skype founders and early employees.

Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) was established in 2003 as a partnership of four founding engineers to hold their stake in Skype. After an exit to eBay in 2005, ASI operates as a private investment vehicle, managing over 100 million EUR of assets and direct investments.

ASI Private Equity AS (ASIPEAS) was conceived in 2006 to allow a number of friends and colleagues from Skype to co-invest with the partnership. Working closely together at a heady pace in the early days of Skype aligned our thinking, we often share mutual interests and opinions when considering new technology ventures. With about 30 investors, ASIPEAS extends its entrepreneurs' network and competence base sevenfold. As a closed investment vehicle, ASIPEAS does not solicit funds from the general public.

Entrepreneur and investor

I build software for people on the move.